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  1. Becoming a Powerful Praying Leader
  2. Whatís in Your Private World?
  3. Transcending Self. . . To Serve Others
  4. The Occult: The Hidden Agenda of Satan
  5. Spiritual Gifts. . . Letís Use Them
  6. Lord, Let Me Love
  7. Emotions, The Color of Life
  8. Precious Moments (firsts in our lives)
  9. Rejoicing in Hope
  10. Joy in the Journey
  11. Christ, My Life
  12. Encouragement. . . Is it Necessary?
  13. Forgiveness
  14. You Are Special
  15. A Woman of Excellence
  16. Attributes of God
  17. Developing a Godly Character
  18. Ordained Days (personal testimony)
Or simply provide your theme and key scripture and event purpose and Patti will create sessions that fit.

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